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Thirty Six

In a birthday tradition another year has passed and another list has arrived. Be sure to check out the others: Thirty Five and Thirty Four. For this year, here are thirty six things I’ve learned in thirty six years.

  • Confidence is all about perception.
  • When you meet new people, pay attention to their name. Later, use it in a sentence.
  • In a guitar duel, I’d take Prince and John Mayer over Slash and Satriani any day of the week.
  • Raising children is hard. Raising children right is hard10.
  • There is a formula to great pop music. I call it #pForm.
  • Sometimes the better Christian is the non-Christian.
  • When learning new languages, learn the fundamentals. It makes troubleshooting so much easier.
  • Find four or five people to really invest in life with. Those friends will carry your coffin.
  • Using your best analytical skills, take what you think will happen, now think the opposite. That is the stock market.
  • Craftsmanship is long, hard work. If you didn’t spend very much time building it, it’s probably not very good.
  • There is a limit to how much cologne one can put on. The same does not hold true for humility.
  • Driving a Ferrari is nothing short of epic. Driving a 550HP RUF makes a Ferrari feel like a minivan.
  • Build something tangible, with your hands.
  • Rarely does music move me more than when I’m behind a guitar.
  • Cancel your cable television. Say hello to an additional 2 hours of your day.
  • There are so many good TV shows on right now. I wish I had cable.
  • Business is all about relationships. Relate well and stay busy.
  • The best solo in the history of rock was performed on Sweet Child O’ Mine.
  • 95% of Dribbble work never sees the light of day.
  • The clients don’t pick you, you pick them.
  • Find friends that don’t care what you do or how you do it.
  • The Seahawks are my new Lakers.
  • If you’ve mastered something, move on and learn to master something else. Look at Dave Grohl.
  • I like going to the movies by myself. It’s not anti-social, it’s called knowing what I like.
  • Roasting your own coffee, grinding your own beans and pulling a shot for an Americano is living.
  • There is like six feet of tube that is used during a colonoscopy. That’s a lot of tube.
  • Discovery is the next great challenge for the internet.
  • Don’t pay your estimated taxes. You can make more money investing than Uncle Sam will fine you for not paying your estimated taxes.
  • Happiness is cheap. It’s all about perspective.
  • Boys love to wrestle. Don’t be a douche, teach them how to properly pile drive their brothers. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.
  • Douche is still a funny word.
  • I’m more interested in the process than I am the end product.
  • Don’t respond to work email after 5:30pm. It sets a bad precedent.
  • Not everyone thinks like you do.
  • People who rarely tweet or blog do so because they’re busy. Busy making stuff.
  • I could never have a boss again. I don’t think we’d get along.

Article Credit

  1. Author: Noah Stokes
  2. Date Published: January 11, 2013

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