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Thirty Nine

For the past six years, I’ve been writing these lists on my birthday of things that I’ve learned in the past year. This years, compared to others, is much more introspective. I guess that’s just what happens when you get old. Follow the links to read Thirty Eight, Thirty Seven, Thirty Six, Thirty Five and Thirty Four. Next year will likely be my last, Forty. It’s been a lot of fun to think back over each year and see how my thinking has changed. Hopefully you enjoy reading these as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

  • Turns out working for someone else isn’t all that bad.
  • The older your kids get, the faster time goes by.
  • Nothing clears the mind quite like 1000cc’s between your legs.
  • Sometimes the way I talk can be overbearing to others. Need to work on that.
  • I stopped caring about industry social events. Must be the old man age.
  • I am getting more courage to try things that terrify me–like singing.
  • True love is service without any expectation of a “thank you”.
  • Derby’s are tasty drinks.
  • The process is almost as important as the project.
  • I’d rather spend money on adventures that create memories instead of things that get forgotten. (Hat tip to Naz and Jen)
  • I believe in God, but I don’t understand why He made the world.
  • Your favorite bands early work is better than their recent work because of the memories it brings up, not because it’s actually better music.
  • Poor people always lose. (Hat tip Steven Avery)
  • Single needle tattoos are better.
  • My mind can be weak sometimes and I give up earlier than I need to. Need to work on this too.
  • Every family has their issues. You either choose to accept them, or let them ruin you.
  • If 78 is just like 39 then I had better get moving. I always assume there will be more time.
  • We all hurt more than we let on–that’s why Dashboard Confessional is still great to listen to.
  • I know it’s usually said as a joke, but I am blessed.
  • Visualizing in your mind before an act or performance really works.
  • I can be a total asshole sometimes. Sorry ‘bout that.
  • Daylight savings is the worst.
  • I no longer enjoy surfing. Cold water, sharks. Meh.
  • You can have a cancer personality type. Type C.
  • The North Shore of Kauai is my shangri-la.
  • I finally joined Instagram. It’s pretty great.
  • Big muscles do not equal big strength.
  • I can bench press 250lb as of this posting.
  • I really struggle with empathy.
  • Holy crap I’m almost 40.
  • I thought I knew what life was about, then I realized I don’t. No one really does.
  • For as deep as the web is, I find it very shallow.
  • I haven’t done any real coding in over a year. I kinda miss that.
  • Learning how to learn is the most important thing you can learn.
  • What drives me is the satisfaction of seeing the results of my efforts.
  • Just roll with it.
  • Never say “I deserve this”, instead say “I’d be lucky to have this”.
  • The world revolves around Israel.
  • If you can find what you love and do that for a living, then you’re beyond rich.

Article Credit

  1. Author: Noah Stokes
  2. Date Published: January 11, 2016

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