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Thirty Four

Thirty four things I’ve learned in thirty four years.

  • It’s all who you know
  • If you knew then what you know now, then would have been easier
  • Raptors do not discriminate, they will eat your children
  • Where a 30” monitor once seemed ludicrous, you can now justify it by claiming bad eyesight
  • The work that I do doesn’t matter—what does matter is the relationships that I make
  • Hype on Twitter has a considerably small conversion rate
  • Ideas are cheap
  • Paypal will never be overtaken. Learn to deal with it. Accept them as your new overlord.
  • Facebook will ruin more relationships than it creates
  • Quality customer service wins every time
  • Money isn’t everything but you sure can make more of it doing it for yourself rather than The Man
  • Politicians are like Paypal. (Refer to note above)
  • The Postal Service will never release a second album. They’re smart for doing that.
  • Get into a career in a field that you love. If you don’t love your job, your entire life will reflect it.
  • Most start-ups are based on a stupid idea, yet still raise millions. Consider it hopeful.
  • What’s easy for you, may be rocket science to someone else
  • Vinegar is an abomination that I’m 98% sure the Pope would ban if he had the balls to
  • On your deathbed, I guarantee you won’t be wishing you had spent more time at the office
  • Reach out to your heros. You’ll find that most of them are really cool people. If they’re not, you probably want to remove them from your hero list.
  • I will always and forever hate the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Most expensive luxury cars that you see driving around are leased
  • Perception is everything and nothing
  • Stress will give you cancer if you let it
  • I have been doing what I do for 8 years and am just hitting my stride
  • Do not under any circumstances buy the first rev of anything
  • Reply to every email, comment, tweet
  • If it ain’t broke, dont’ fix it (or don’t upgrade your Adobe software if you don’t need to)
  • The bigger the truck, the smaller the penis
  • Find a small group of friends to invest in. If you spread yourself too thin, you’ll never get quality friendships.
  • Ladies love funny
  • Your college GPA doesn’t matter
  • SSD drives are fan-futon-tastic
  • Buying AAPL in the late 90’s was a smart move
  • There will always be someone who is better than you at something, be quick to learn from them

Article Credit

  1. Author: Noah Stokes
  2. Date Published: January 11, 2011

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