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Thirty Eight

For the past five years, I’ve been writing these lists on my birthday of things that I’ve learned in the past year. Looking over this and some of the previous years, it’s funny to see how I expand on certain topics, or discover more about myself as time goes on. Follow the links to read Thirty Seven, Thirty Six, Thirty Five and Thirty Four. This year wasn’t necessarily hard, but it wasn’t that easy either. I can tell that I’m getting older just even in my thinking comparing this list to previous years. I see more and more of these types of lists now. I dig it. I do them mostly for myself, but perhaps you might enjoy them too.

  • I actually enjoy running. WTF.
  • It’s so much easier to live on the surface than it is to dive deep.
  • A beat from an 808 will never be out of style.
  • The diagnosis may kill you faster than the disease.
  • Do it for yourself. Haters gonna hate.
  • It’s OK not to be the fastest to the top of the mountain. More time to enjoy the view.
  • When you stop wanting things, you start wanting experiences.
  • The older you are the longer it takes to develop a close friendship.
  • The gut is the key to good health.
  • Nothing feels quite like 95 on a Ducati.
  • Taylor Swift is better now than she has ever been.
  • A dance party can always turn a frown upside down.
  • I am so incredibly selfish.
  • Baz Luhrman is a bad ass.
  • So is Prince.
  • Work, work, work, work… then what?
  • Quality is super hard to scale. Super. Hard.
  • People are driven by either money, sex or power. Think about it.
  • What I would consider to be good design doesn’t matter. I mean, did you see WhatsApp?
  • We are built for relationships.
  • I am not good at relationships.
  • Gin. Get in my belly.
  • I do not have the courage to break out of society’s norm for work patterns (9-5, etc). Yet.
  • Teaching your kids how to learn is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.
  • Health care is screwed.
  • Every day can be awesome if you let it.
  • We all have something that someone else would kill for. Be grateful.
  • I love to teach. It’s going to be my retirement plan.
  • Success is whatever you say it is.
  • Love God, love your neighbors. For as simple as that is, we still can’t get it right.
  • It is hard to think of 38 things. Mostly because I can barely remember yesterday.
  • Needles are my greatest fear in life. No joke.
  • The stock market is always right.
  • A good idea is nothing without passion.
  • This may be the last year of long hair. Hold me.
  • Fear is your number one enemy.
  • Cramps in your quads are ridiculous. Like, from the devil himself.
  • We always think we’re alone in our struggles. We are wrong.

Article Credit

  1. Author: Noah Stokes
  2. Date Published: January 11, 2015

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