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Painted Shield Artwork

Painted Shield

Not the supergroup you imagined, but it works. In fact, it works really, really well. Don't sleep on this album.

I’m not the biggest Mason Jennings fan. In fact, I walked out of his last show it was so bad. Needless to say, my hopes were not very high to see him collaborating with the guitarist from my favorite band. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This album rips.

​I’m not sure what it is, but there is something about Jennings vocals that don’t work for me. I don’t know if it’s his melody structures, or just his tone—whatever it is, I’ve struggled to really get into his stuff. This is different. This album is not a Mason Jennings album. This album is truly a collaboration of four very talented musicians coming together to give us something we haven’t really heard before. For example, check out this track, Time Machine. The guitar riff is so good that when the drums kick in, you’re like, where is this thing going, this is going to rock. Then, the chorus hits.

That was satisfying, wasn’t it. The horns! The do do do’s! The lyrics, the entire track just brings me so much joy. It’s straight out of left field and I’m here for it. The rest of the album takes an open mind, but I promise, it does not disappoint.

All the songs were written apart during the pandemic, which makes this album even more interesting. It proves that you can create great art remotely and my hope is that Gossard and the others continue down this path of putting out music. I’ve heard rumors that they’re already working on a follow up.

Time MachinePainted Shield

My mama says there’s no time there’s no time no time machines

My teacher says there’s no time there’s no time no time machines

My preacher says there’s no time there’s no time no time machines

​If you don’t catch on with Time Machine, be sure to dial in Evil Winds. The Radiohead inspired riff takes you into a great rocking chorus, definitely a standout on the album.Fun fact, Matt Chamberlain who plays drums in the group, was Pearl Jam’s drummer for a short stint between their original drummer and Dave Abbruzzese. He was asked to stay on with the group but Matt was off to play drums for SNL so he passed. I’m glad he and Stone were able to connect again for Painted Shield.

Album & Artist

  1. Painted ShieldPainted Shield


  • 3:23Orphan Ghost
  • 2:57Time Machine
  • 2:55Knife Fight
  • 4:53Ten Years From Now
  • 4:22On the Level
  • 2:53I Am Your Country
  • 3:29Evil Winds
  • 5:47Painted Shield
  • 3:53Raven

Album Credits

  1. Musicians: Mason Jennings, Stone Gossard, Matt Chamberlain & Brittany Davis

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