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Mine as Well

This is indie pop at it's finest—tickling all the right spots in my ears with melodies and vibes for days.

​Eager Seas is a local (to me) band, but don’t let that fool you, their songwriting is as good as it gets making for the perfect soundtrack to a lazy afternoon.

I gave Mine as Well a listen when I learned that Eager Seas had a new album out. I recall enjoying it a lot, but something about it didn't stick for me and it fell off my radar for a few years. Cue the Covid-19 pandemic and I rediscover the magic of this album. I consider myself lucky.

My favorite thing about Eager Seas is that they don't always go where you expect. Traditionally pop music will be somewhat predictable, but in true indie fashion Eager Seas take you to places you hadn't thought of, even though they still work. Does that make sense? Let me give you an example. One of my favorite tracks on the album is So What. The chorus builds to a point where I was expecting the vocal to soar, instead it dropped down an octave—still works, and is arguably more hook-y than where your mind wanted it to go.

The opening tracks Always on Your Side and Jean are a great one-two intro to get you going. Give it a spin and let me know what you think.

Album & Artist

  1. Mine as WellEager Seas


  • 5:49Always on Your Side
  • 5:35Jean
  • 4:33Fade Away
  • 4:10Dreamer
  • 4:34Hold On (Pt 2)
  • 5:06Switchblade Perrier
  • 4:38Live Wire
  • 3:54Calling Out
  • 4:54So What
  • 3:38Supposed to Be
  • 7:12Life Can Be Seen

Album Credits

  1. Producer: Seth Roberts

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