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Fine Line Artwork

Fine Line

Harry Styles from One Direction? Yup. It's good, what can I say?

I’ve always had a soft spot for some good pop, but this one took me by surprise. I wasn’t that big a fan of Harry’s first album, but his sophomore effort is my jam. Probably because it’s a breakup album—and we all know how I love a good breakup album.

When the first single, Adore You, came out, I was not a fan. When the second single, Watermelon Sugar, dropped I was still not a fan. It wasn’t until I dug in and found Cherry and Falling that I really latched onto this album—both tracks are fantastic.

I really do think that Harry’s voice is fantastic, and I think he is an artist in the truest sense of the word. He created this album with a good grip of producers, but I should would be curious to see what an album with a single producer and Styles could create. No doubt it would be a musical treat; here’s to hoping we get something like that one day. Until then, I’ll continue to spin this album with it’s Laurel Canyon vibes.

Album & Artist

  1. Fine LineHarry Styles


  • 3:28Golden
  • 2:53Watermelon Sugar
  • 3:27Adore You
  • 2:52Lights Up
  • 4:19Cherry
  • 4:00Falling
  • 3:12To Be So Lonely
  • 6:02She
  • 3:41Sunflower, Vol. 6
  • 3:09Canyon Moon
  • 3:17Treat People With Kindness
  • 6:17Fine Line

Album Credits

  1. Producer: Jeff Bhasker, Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson, Greg Kurstin & Sammy Witte

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