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Everyday Life

I wouldn't call myself a huge Coldplay fan, but this double album felt very loose to me for a band this far into their career. I think it's fantastic.

Coldplay explores new sonic landscapes in this album, ditching the pop leanings and moving back into the territory that made them famous in the first place.

I'm not convinced this needed to be a double album, it's short in time and actual songs, but it still works for me. This album came out pre-pandemic, but still played a strong role in getting me through the first few months. It's an album you sit down and listen to all the way through (as you should for any album you listen to). The tracks blend one into another, it's a journey meant to be taken in all at once—which maybe explains why there are really no strong singles on the album, the entire thing is meant to be played as a whole.

I've never been a Coldplay super fan, I couldn't name the musician's in the band or get their discography correct. I've nothing against them, but I also don't think they'll ever top A Rush of Blood to the Head either. I do enjoy listening to them however and this album is certainly no exception. I would have liked it to have contained more tracks to make it worthy of the double album classification, but as it stands it's still a great listen and one I'll be enjoying for years to come.

Album & Artist

  1. Everyday LifeColdplay


  • 2:31Sunrise
  • 3:50Church
  • 4:38Trouble in Town
  • 2:30BrokEn
  • 4:58Daddy
  • 1:16WOTW / POTP
  • 5:40Arabesque
  • 2:35When I Need a Friend
  • 1:55Guns
  • 3:17Orphans
  • 2:37Eko
  • 2:47Cry Cry Cry
  • 2:26Old Friends
  • 3:14بنی آدم
  • 4:17Champion of the World
  • 4:18Everyday Life

Album Credits

  1. Producers: Rik Simpson, Dan Green & Bill Rahko (mostly)
  2. Label: Parlophone / Atlantic

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