Come Hear Me Talk Pt. 2

This Fall I’m also going to be speaking at Circles Conference in Dallas, TX. I had to pay a high powered senator to get into this line-up, so if you don’t want to come hear me talk, you can come hear some of the other fine folks who probably talk better than I do. But do they have an avatar of a person with a shaved head looking left, and then themselves have a mane of hair that would make Angelina Jolie jealous? Yes. I mean, no. 

I’ll be doing the same talk at Circles Conference as I am at Industry Conference (they’re only a week apart) which means pop on stage (p-form) and wads of cash being thrown into the crowd and secrets being shared and can you say group sing-along? Ok, maybe not the sing-along.

Jun 21st 2012 · Permalink
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